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If you want your income to grow, you too must grow” - goes a famous quote.

The above quote exactly matches with us.

Financial needs have been an everlasting factor for human’s day to day life. Money stands front for all the commitments that human’s face.  As the need of money increased everywhere, entrepreneurs involving in financial business activities have also grown.

Existing system:

Entrepreneurs who invest their career in financial activities follow the process of financing of working capital like distributing the amounts to those who are needy and get back the capital amount with a certain percentage of interest based on the return time which is actually their profit part.

At the initial stage of this activity, due to limited customers in hand, they follow manual process with a record entry in notebook. And once the business gets expanded, number of customer counts gets increased and therefore, this manual process becomes tedious. To overcome this, after several real time analysis, we have come with our ROCKET FINANCE android app.

What’s New?

Our ROCKET FINANCE is purely a mobile app for android where you install from Google Play store under free android apps section.  It is easy to use software. Considering the enormous mobile phone usage nowadays and to overcome manual process, we decided to give this application to all entrepreneurs in their mobile phone where the process becomes much easier. It is like a business productivity app.

The features that we have included for you in this application are Entries of new customer, amount given to them, due paid with timestamp, pending amounts. Once using this application, you will feel good when compared to the earlier process that was used. Adding to the above features, we have also given option for entering Capital amounts; display Complete/Incomplete transactions, Collection history or debit collection report and so on. Entries can be made lively as soon as your customer gives the amount.

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Still we did not stop working on this application. With a continuous deep research and based on the feedbacks that we get from all of you, we will come up with the newer versions of this application for the better and a hassle free usage. Soon we’ll pin this application in most popular android apps section.

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