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Every business has to process salary for its employees in an accurate and timely manner; however, it is not the simplest thing to do. How do you factor in reimbursements, loan advances, leaves and other such dynamic HR inputs while managing varied salary structures?

Are you able to comply with the statutory and tax regulations (that change from time to time) while managing all of that?

You should consider payroll outsourcing companies. It can free up considerable bandwidth, resources, time and equipment and help gain more control on the payroll process. This can be preferable than setting up and managing payroll in-house.

Awerum payroll specializes in payroll processing services, with young mind accountants. We ensure confidentiality completely while providing transparent employee communication, meeting statutory requirements and doing basic payroll calculations, so as to provide end-to-end small business payroll processing.

An Overview of Our Payroll Outsourcing Services

  Based on the inputs we receive from you, we maintain monthly payroll processing and master data

  Based on the requirements of your employees and management, we offer you various output reports

  We prepare and submit all statutory returns with government authorities, as required

  We take care of┬ámanagement of finance reporting, calculations, on boarding and approval of leaves etc...

Payroll Processing Services

  Payroll Reports

  Automatic payroll system

  TDS / PF/ PT / LWF

  HR & Accounting Integration

  Self Service Portal


  Direct deposit of sales

  Pay run approval

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